Hey #Teacher, are you a Gardener or Carpenter?

This visual (infographic) post was inspired by two quotes said directly to me by teachers this week. They both  highlighted how high schools need to change.

  1. “It’s ok, there’s always kids that will never get it.”
    Teachers are to ready to accept that the “raw material” that arrives at school is sometimes unworkable.
  2. “The senior students have waited 7 years to sit on and ‘own’ the deck area at lunchtime”
    If high school (I work in a school that gets good grades) fails to inspire children so much that while getting good grades, 18 year-olds are taking lunchtime seating as a priority, then we have significant changes to make to high school education.

Note: I appreciate it’s not a dichotomy but traditional schooling has primarily been one of a ‘carpentry’ approach and my evidence shows a need to start with a gardening approach and add elements of ‘carpentry’ where needed.

Here’s my infographic post on the matter as I see it and the theme was inspired by Alison Gopnik, author of The Gardener and Carpenter.