EduWells_400x400Richard Wells
M.Ed Contemporary Education

Author: A Learner’s Paradise
Global Top 40 EdTech influencer (Onalytica)
Global Top 12 Edu Blogger (Huffington Post)
British / New Zealander
Deputy Principal in NZ High School
Speaker / Author
Twitter : @EduWells

The world is changing too fast for schools to carry on with business as usual. Jobs are vanishing and we need schools to become incubators for creative invention and output. If we don’t, thousands of young people will be too reliant on the world to provide for them and we’ll all be in trouble.

I provide professional development in both pedagogy and technology and speak on matters of future focused education. Thanks for visiting and appreciating my work. Contact me!


Kind Words

“Eduwells really is the thinking man’s Educator” – Mark Anderson (UK)

“If you don’t follow Eduwells, you should. He has brilliance every time I need to be inspired” – Beth Holland, EdTechTeacher (USA) 

“My favourite expert on SAMR is EduWells” – Vicki Davies  @CoolcatTeacher (USA)

“He has made me a better educator” – Mike Saracini (USA)

“A natural, The New Zealand Justin Timberlake :)” – George Couros (Canada)


20 years of teaching and leading schools, Richard is fascinated by education’s lack of progress in matching the changing world around it. After teaching in the UK, Richard moved to New Zealand in 2006 with his wife and two daughters. He has held teaching and leadership positions in both public and independent schools and became noticed online around 2012 for his writing about the implementation of digital technologies, particularly because his school was the first in New Zealand to roll out Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD).

Richard is the Author of A Learner’s Paradise: How New Zealand is reimagining education, a book deal that came from his online writing and speaking in the U.S., Australia, and around New Zealand. He is now  focused on how much education is exploring what works and what doesn’t and how much he can change the habits of teaching to show more detailed concern about the impact they are having on learners.

EduWells WHY Guide to edChat

My Book: A Learner’s Paradise


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