demo-slamI speak on a number of future focused topics.

  • Whole system design,
  • Teaching pedagogy,
  • Technology use,
  • Learning environments,
  • Ensuring successful staff professional development,
  • New Zealand’s leading Edu system,
  • Digital citizenship and
  • Social media.


“Just wanted to say . . . . the PD that we got from Richard Wells, our guest speaker last Thursday was Awesome!
Extremely timely given our curriculum review
Inspiring and thought provoking
For me there are so many messages / themes to think about” – Teacher, Nelson, NZ

Slides and resources:

2017 – TRUMP KEYNOTE-EduWells 2

Transforming a school: The Ako Orewa Story

NZ Future Education slides

Future of Education pallet resources

Future safe learners

Why Guide to EdChat Slides

Adelaide Closing Keynote slides

Lessons from the Future (NZ)

Open Minds with Blank Walls