Habits of an effective iPad Teacher

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SteveLaiCanada meets New Zealand
I’ve recently had a very useful online chat with Steve Lai in Vancouver about not only the skills and habits but also the mindset required to make iPad teaching successful. I love the way social media connects me to these enthusiastic and talented teachers around the world.

I came across Steve (@sly111) on Twitter and noticed he was running a very similar blog to mine (teachingwithipad.org).  Steve’s blog is excellent and he teaches with iPads in quite difficult circumstances with numerous classrooms and students. Steve suggested it would make sense to do something together.

Common Ground

It seemed obvious in our conversations that we agreed that teachers knowing apps and workflow was not enough to make the integration of iPads successful and effective. Steve liked my previous graphics and suggested I put together a summary of the conversation he’d sparked about habits of an effective iPad teacher.

Here’s the PNG but it links to the PDF version:


Footnote: As the old saying goes: “When a Canadian and a Kiwi get together, a man in Istanbul’s never far behind!”

We were both flattered when @burgencay sent us this version:

Habits of iPad teacher - Turkish


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