E-portfolios with WordPress

WordpressiconIn New Zealand, Teachers are required to re-confirm their current teaching practices every 3 years by offering a portfolio of evidence. For my colleagues I put together this worksheet on using a free WordPress blog to organise the material. The idea of online portfolios can be utilised throughout education by teachers and students.

So I am posting it here as many might find the basic setup and introduction to blogging useful. Needing an email to setup an account might make this only appropriate for teachers and High School students but could be run as a class blog administered by the teacher in primary / elementary schools.

Once up and running the blog can be managed from an iPad with photos being taken and uploaded quickly. Here’s the app link

Wordpress e-Portfolio

Another site with great resources on blogging and first website info is FirstSiteGuide. They have downloadable info sheets and books available with all the detail you need.


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