School resources with Mac’s Pages.

The most common question I get on Twitter is “How do you create your graphics?”

The answer is: lots of practice with Pages / Keynote, both having the same tools. These tools are much more useful and intuitive than those in either Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. I’ve recorded this 20 minute video (did it quickly for a colleague, so sorry if I don’t perform particularly well!)

Kids have higher expectations these days and now that they can view my worksheets and docs electronically, full colour and design is not the issue it was when considering photocopying.

The video runs through the usual key tools I use to gloss up school worksheets etc, which are also the tools I use for the graphics.

These include:

  1. Image Cropping / Colourising / rotating / transparency / wrapping
  2. Text columns / styles / sizing / wrapping
  3. Table styling / sizing / settings
  4. Graphs styles / setting / data

Please contact me with any further questions:


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