SAMR + Design Masterclass

Happy enough…

I’ve always been happy that I could visualise ideas for others and have had fantastic feedback from my readers, particularly in that area. Thanks readers! But…

Back to the drawing board

I also know when I’ve been outclassed by a talent on all levels. Below is a ThingLink poster that itself contains interactive elements to fill anyone with a complete understanding of the SAMR model for integrating Technology in the classroom. The fantastic Lisa Johnson (@TechChef4U) has combined knowledge, resources, (one of them’s even mine), and a flare for design to produce a toolkit for educators to start understanding where to go with technology integration.

This has inspired me to up my game further and definitely start using ThingLink properly!
I’m also jealous that her site looks so slick too.

The WordPress rules are blocking the interactive bits so checkout the ORIGINAL:

Here is the excellent design work that embeds on any site with the link in the top corner. Thanks Lisa!


Thinking Digital Citizenship


citizen slideMy colleague @lindarubens pointed me in the direction of a fantastic post on Digital Citizenship by Craig Badura. Craig’s ideas are simple but effective because they ask students to do a very important learning technique: Make a connection between ‘unrelated’ topics.


Forcing them to make the connection asks the students to think on a deeper level. I have found in the past that only using digital examples encourages some students to assume they know it all. Kids will say,  “I know all about Facebook, sir” without  considering properly, any wider ramifications of their online actions and switch off to some extent.

So, you know me! I couldn’t resist putting these ideas into individual slides that I could use as weekly topics aside my normal teaching. My favourite three are Toothpaste, Tattoos and “First impressions” as these will have increasingly long-term and  effects on young people from now onwards.

Here’s the PNG version but there’s also a full 24MB PDF is here

Thinking Digital Citizenship-iPadWells

Extra discussion: Used Creative Commons images and referenced them on each slide.

SAMR – The common truth

There’s lots of talk of the SAMR model, which simplifies the common process that people go through when introducing any technology, designed by Ruben R. Puentedura. This of course applies to introducing iPads too. There are 1000s of great examples of iPad use in primary / elementary schools but not as many in high schools. I thought I would produce a version of this process that is common with many teachers in secondary / high schools. It’s a little tongue-in-cheek but might give some people ideas about how it relates directly to pedagogy.

I have many colleagues who have gone through something very similar to this:

iPadwells SAMR 2

Poster: 21stC Mobile Social Learning

Here’s my summary of how I aim to teach but appreciate this will change rapidly over the years.

…and thanks to Nicolas Chauvin (@nxchauvin) for this French translation: