2019 Ed Poetry Slam

Let’s end my 2019 education world in “poetry”

In a massive year of change and challenge for me and my school, this acts as a summary of all the conversation about school I’ve had with students and parents in 2019, and what drives me to change high school education.

Title: Learning 9 to 5

Author: Richard Wells (@EduWells)

Here’s the music to sing it too


Tumble out of class and I stumble to the next seat

Got no time to reflect on what perplexed me

I shutdown, reboot, try to realign

Next class starts and the slides keep pumpin’

Outside class, it’s life that’s jumpin’

But for folks like me, it’s still 1985


Learning 9 to 5, What a way to “learn” a living!

When you’re off to “work”, always at the teacher’s bidding

They just plan your day, and they never seem to credit

The stuff that drives you, to learn and really get it.

9 to 5, CONFORMing or devotion

You would hope that school, would not grade to cause some motion

Want to learn something but the class won’t seem to let me

I swear that school is really out to break me.


No time to dream cos it’s work that matters

I know the what but the why’s been shattered

And my ideas, for now will drift away

The top and rest know it’s meant to be

Waitin’ for school to join this century

And the tides gonna turn and we’re all gonna learn a new way


Learning 9 to 5, What a way to “learn” a living!

But the information, is now free and such a given

I can use my time to discover how I learn best

School is now a place where we share in all our progress

9 to 5, is when school is NOT A WORKPLACE

It’s where we explore, just what puts a smile on our face

We don’t silo thoughts cos we only make connections

We lead sometimes and decide on where to go next.

9 to 5 ….. šŸ‘