A new School Day

21C Classroom Layout

Move your School forward

5 reasons your school isn't changing

Answer the “Why” questions first

The WHY Guide to edChat

Understand you level of understanding

HAN SOLO Taxonomy vs RON-Eduwells

Lessons? Really!

High School's Biggest Problem

No coding expertise needed. The app do all the work!

Code Beginner to Pro with iPad

Are your students involved with the learning?
The Leuven Scale for Involvement-@iPadWells

Design Thinking:

A Teacher’s Target:

 PDF version here

Keeping Kids Safe on iPads:

EdChat – A Measure of School quality:
Teacher Conversation-iPadWells

Learn to Code on an iPad app Journeylearn-to-code-ipad-journey

School improvement through Teacher Inquiry.
SITTI Model by iPadWells


Icons that might be useful to some. (Links to the PDF version)

i4s CLassroom types-color

Is your school blocking Facebook? Teach it, don’t block it.

i4S Blocking Digital Citizenship

iPad4Schools #AppSmash icon (Transparent background version Here)

AppSmashing is the term given to creating content in one app to use in another


Moving from 20C to 21C Learning


Why iPad 4 schools?

iPad 4 Schools Poster

A Teacher’s 3 Twitter Accounts

Teachers 3 Twitter Accs

2 iPad bloggers collide !


iPad First 5

Responsible Use Policy for kids: Click image for separate slides PDF file.

iPadWells Responsible Use

iPadwells SAMR 2


Department iPadding 2014


14 thoughts on “POSTERS

  1. Love your tweets and liking your site a whole lot. To the point, practical, stimulating, and great ‘collage, montage, 21st C design in how you present your ‘stuff’. Keep up the GREAT work …..

  2. Really enjoy following this site and never fail to leave without an idea, thought to ponder or something to share with colleagues.
    Keep up the amazing work and I will keep on building upon your ideas in the classroom.

      1. The poster is showing different options of connecting the iPad to a projector, which one of these is more suitable for beginners? Can you briefly explain how to do it?

  3. I really like the Responsible Use Policy for kids poster and I would like your permission to translate it so we could use it at our school. I work in a French speaking school, north of Montreal, Quebec. Is this possible? If so, is there a way to have just the images in another format than pdf? Thank you for all your excellent work. You are a great leader!

  4. I want a large copy…not just a printed PDF. Can I purchase these posters? Where and how much? Or give me directions to make them…I’ll print them in a copy shop.

  5. I have followed you for the last 5 min and I admire your great job since then. This is my first year with ipads inside the classroom with 12 year old students. I’m so nervous but otherwise seeing your great job encourages me and you have shown me that I’m on the right way. Thank you so much.
    Pep terrassa from Mallorca, españa

  6. I teach math and we have one ipad cart. Our math department is going to be going through training on creating a class in iTunesU. Does anyone know of any middle school math teachers that have already created a class to see how they did it?

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